My front courtyard garden exploding in purples and yellows <3

Gardening in Edmonton is like being in the tropics compared to Calgary!  I can’t believe how much things have grown in only 2 years.  There was nothing here but a big ol’ spruce tree until spring 2017.  Some things, like the purple and white irises, are so vigorous they’re going to have to be moved to the back alley.  But first I’ll enjoy their blooms.










siting a tree with views from the house in mind


See that wee mangy thing in the middle of the lawn? The thing that is lined up with the bird bath which is lined up with the middle of my living room window?  Well that’s a little Scots pine which is a *fairly* quick grower (for an evergreen) and someday it will screen my view of all that concrete and asphalt.

I got it in just before the rain started again.  🙂