Sissinghurst 2016


This garden, facing west inside my backyard fence, is filled with monkshood, peonies and roses thanks to the previous owner.  I don’t know what colour any of them are (besides the pink rose on the left) because I first saw this house in August and moved here in late September when everything else had finished blooming.  It will be a fun surprise in spring to see what colours I inherited!  I am going to call this garden area ‘Sissinghurst’ because monkshood, roses, and peonies always make me think of English gardens, and Sissinghurst is my favourite (not that I’ve been to very many).

In the meantime, I also transplanted a few plants from my old house, sticking to those with red and purple flowers and particularly those which attract hummingbirds and butterflies:


Above: looking across the Potager to Sissinghurst.


Above: closer up view of “Sissinghurst”.  Plants which attract hummingbirds include beardtongue, coralbells, daylily, lilies, and monkshood. Other plants are sedums, Joe Pye Weed , blue oat grass, and veronica spicata. I feel lucky to have my neighbour’s huge lilacs providing a backdrop above the fence, as well!!

I planted these in a rush in October, just wanting to get the plants I brought from my old house into the ground before winter.  I’d like to do some re-arranging, sticking to purple and red flowers, with some yellow-green spirea such as ‘Gold Mound’ to jazz things up (a split-complementary colour scheme: see this useful blog for more on colour schemes).



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