the Orchard Garden 2016


The boring lawn in the middle of my backyard is going to radically change next year.  The gnarly old lilacs, planted way too close to the garage, have already been chopped down, and 2 Evans Cherry trees will take their place.  There are already 2 apple trees on the other side of the backyard (which can’t be seen in the above photo) – hence the name “Orchard Garden” for this area of the yard.

I really like my lawn to have a defined, intentional shape, rather than simply extend to the fence and pathways as if the designer just gave up and couldn’t think of anything else to do.  In this yard we will cut the lawn and ornamental gardens into the shapes of overlapping circles.  I chose to use this design theme in order to satisfy our need for trampoline space (it is “tucked away” as much as a 12 foot trampoline can be!) as well as to work with the existing apple trees, cedar tree and rose bush on the east side of the pie-shaped yard:


The north-south axis of the lawn will align with the axis of the vegetable garden at the back of the yard (shed and lilac stumps, below, to be removed in spring).  It was beautiful out today so I did what any garden-obsessed person would do – go outside and shovel the design into the backyard snow in order to better visualize my future creation, of course!


That’s a totally normal thing to do on a beautiful December day…. right?

Here’s the long axis of my old backyard in Calgary:



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