some things I inherited in my new-to-me garden

Green onions and rhubarb:


A mature Saskatoon shrub and a whole lotta bergenia:


A few Virginia bluebells:


… and a huge creeping bellflower problem (ugh).



4 thoughts on “some things I inherited in my new-to-me garden

  1. I’d be interested in hearing if you find any successful ways of eliminating Creeping Bellflower… I have it too :o(


    1. Sadly, no! I fought it for 12 years at my old house and never got rid of it. I do try to pull it up whenever I see it, and also occasionally spot treat with Round Up (with a paintbrush, so not broadcasting it around. I don’t feel too guilty about that.) It helps to keep it under control but it’s virtually impossible to get rid of.


      1. I’ve been just digging it up, have tried painting with round up but these plants didn’t seem to mind it (Sheesh) My neighbors on both sides don’t do anything with their weeds so it’s been a battle

        Starting this week hopefully my front yard is being levelled which will probably involve taking about 8 inches of soil off the worst side… hopefully a ton of bellflower roots will go with it! I plan to put tall edging between my yard & the adjoining one which will hopefully help keep the roots out :o)

        If you do find a new way to combat it, I’d love to hear about it!


  2. I know, it’s brutal. In my experience, a constant battle of digging, pulling, and painting *almost* gets rid of it but it never seems to end.
    The fence between me and my neighbours has a concrete foundation which seems to prevent things from spreading, including raspberries (!) at least so far. I’m not sure how far down it goes but probably at least a foot.
    ~ Janice


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