evaluating the Front Courtyard Garden

Well, other than the pot which is crookedly frozen in place, I’m pretty happy with how this garden looks after only one garden season.  I regret planting sour cherries out here though – I was trying to be noble and plant as many edibles as possible, ya know.  But I sit in the living room drinking my coffee on the week-ends and this is my view – I’d really like to see some more winter colour out here.

So, the cherries are getting moved to the back and I’m going to add a hedge of dogwoods instead (Cornus sericea ‘Farrow’ or Arctic Fire dogwood would be a good choice for a solid green hedge and red stems for winter).  Also, when the little Birds Nest Spruces get a little bigger you’ll be able to see them better above the snow.  That should do it.

IMG_1572 (1)

I only have a few other minor additions to make in spring:

  • add a Mount Royal Plum in the bottom left corner (I’d like some height but there’s not a lot of room; this tree stays small, only 8 feet wide). Underplant with one more genista ‘lydia’.
  • mix thyme and more russian stonecrop as groundcovers on both sides of the pathway in front of the window.

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