Hi there!  Welcome to my garden blog.

I moved to this house in Edmonton in September 2016.  I left behind a big, beautiful garden which I loved and which I had spent 12 years building.  You would think I’d be sad, but I’m really not.  In fact I’m quite excited to make a new one… and I’m sure I won’t make near as many mistakes this time!!   If you’re interested, my old garden blog is here:


I no longer “coach” gardening, except for friends.  And I don’t have time for long, flowery blog posts either, at least in terms of words!!  My blog is primarily my own quick and dirty garden journal, but I do try to write a little about the reasons for my choices and activities so that other, less experienced gardeners might find it useful or maybe even inspiring.  Please let me know if you do by commenting on the posts or following me on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Fresh-Digs-Garden-Blog-113713265813131/


~ Janice