Self-seeded arugla in front of Coppertina ninebark shrub:


with blue veronica, orange coreopsis and  white persicaria flowering in the background; silver artemesia to the right.


Exciting! I think this may be the first picture I’ve taken of my new garden where you can’t see soil between all the plants. Things are getting bigger but it’s really mostly about the angle. 😉

Red orach and sweet peas in the Potager


The red orach (tall purplish plant with red stems) must have come as seeds smuggled in with some of the other plants from my old garden.  I’m letting some stay.  It is prolific but its red leaves are easy to spot in the spring so each year I cut off most of the seed heads before they spread and just leave a few to make new plants for the next year.

I love how the blue fescue picks up on the sky blue garage door.  Yes, I planned that.  🙂

fruit bounty

Just came home from over a week away to Saskatoon and raspberry shrubs loaded down with fruit:



What a wonderful thing to come home to!

Unfortunately we are in the middle of a kitchen reno so I can’t try any yummy looking recipes that others have recently posted, so at our house we are eating and freezing as many as possible at the moment.  But I am bookmarking this recipe for next year:

Recipe: Saskatoon berry drink mix, two ways.

Another goal for next year will be to clean up the raspberry patch – stake them better and dig out all those thistles…