the White Garden, early July

Well, it’s supposed to be a White Garden, but the yellow-flowered heliopsis that I tried to dig out last year strongly disagrees:


Not to mention the volunteer sunflower:


And speaking of not-sticking-to-a-colour-scheme, there are also hits of purple in this garden because they go with the clematis vines, which are about to start flowering:


To see this garden at other times of the year, click here and scroll down.

2018 garden project complete: New England, the veggie garden

The veggie garden area at my old house in Calgary was called ‘England’, so this one in my new-to-me Edmonton backyard is, of course, ‘New England’!!


Last year I planned out the raised bed size,


and then in the winter I decided on a round lawn in front of it, with a little sitting area where the evening sun lasts longest:


I’m very happy with it!  Raised beds make a veggie garden much easier to maintain, and less grass also makes me happy.  The dark mulch also helps the shape of the lawn stand out better.  Here’s one more photo a little closer in: