2018 garden project complete: New England, the veggie garden

The veggie garden area at my old house in Calgary was called ‘England’, so this one in my new-to-me Edmonton backyard is, of course, ‘New England’!!


Last year I planned out the raised bed size,


and then in the winter I decided on a round lawn in front of it, with a little sitting area where the evening sun lasts longest:


I’m very happy with it!  Raised beds make a veggie garden much easier to maintain, and less grass also makes me happy.  The dark mulch also helps the shape of the lawn stand out better.  Here’s one more photo a little closer in:




2018 vegetable garden layout

I didn’t have a veggie garden last year because we moved in late 2016.  So in fall 2017 we built a raised bed and now I’ve filled it and I’m ready to go.  I didn’t get an early start this year so I direct-seeded all the veggies yesterday (everything except the beans, which need warmer soil) according to Square Foot Gardening guidelines.

Here’s what I planted (and this is what my map looked like when I was done):




  • It’s now the end of June and I just pulled out all the extra spinach that has bolted in a heat wave over the last week.  2 squares is probably enough to plant in spring.  I’ll start another crop in late summer.


Earth Day 2018: filled the new raised veggie bed with soil


Today I filled up the new veggie box, which was built last fall. It was SO GOOD to be outside!

Because I’m sorta cheap and because I had a lot of suitable materials lying around, I filled this box with half kitchen and garden scraps (last fall), and then today added a mix of newly purchased and recycled (previously used) potting soil.

I won’t add any homemade outdoor compost because it won’t be ready yet, but this week I’ll add some worm compost from my basement worm bin.  And probably a few worms inadvertently, too.  Then I’ll be ready to plant.

By the end of next week-end I plan to have the following seeds planted using the Square Foot Method:

  • arugula
  • beets
  • carrots
  • kale
  • snow peas
  • spinach
  • swiss chard.

P.S. For the record: frost on April 23, …