late summer chaos: self-seeded sunflowers and persistent heliopsis

So much for this strip along the garage being a sophisticated “white garden” this year.



the Potager in snow

This garden area ended up being a bit of a mish-mash this year as I experimented with what would do well here.  The ‘X’ pattern of little blue festuca glaucas will stay though.  I like how they pick up on the blue garage door.


Red orach and sweet peas in the Potager


The red orach (tall purplish plant with red stems) must have come as seeds smuggled in with some of the other plants from my old garden.  I’m letting some stay.  It is prolific but its red leaves are easy to spot in the spring so each year I cut off most of the seed heads before they spread and just leave a few to make new plants for the next year.

I love how the blue fescue picks up on the sky blue garage door.  Yes, I planned that.  🙂

the Potager

Growing herbs and other edibles near the back door is a must in my books.  But this area (above) was all grass when I moved here in late September 2016.

So we dug up the grass and planted oregano, thyme, chives, strawberries, and some ornamentals, separated by diagonal lines of blue fescue.


The soil is very clay-ey so I hope the herbs do okay here. And by the way, sorry for the dirt all over the sidewalk but that sticky clay doesn’t sweep up and the outside water is already turned off for the season!

I recently moved from Calgary.  Here are a few pics of my potager and herb gardens at my old house: