the Sunset Garden planted


Closer to the house is not finished yet, but here’s a sneak peak at the new front garden.

Front row, left to right:  daylily ‘Frans Hal’; juniper ‘Blue Arrow’; maltese cross; 3 ‘Orangeade’ potentilla; orange geum ‘Mrs. Bradshaw’; yellow cushion spurge; silver artemesia ‘Valerie Finnis’.

Just a few short days ago it looked like this:


… and to see it going further back, click here and scroll down.

Not a bad start, don’t you think?

the Sunset Garden 2016

I wish I could show you what this front yard (above) looks like in my head.  It doesn’t have a lopsided spruce tree which is jammed in between my and my neighbour’s houses, I can tell ya that much right now.  It also doesn’t have such a big blanket of smooth, green, boring grass.  Rather, it is bordered by fruit-producing trees and shrubs, as well as many drought-tolerant grasses and flowering perennials.

When I moved into this house in late September 2016, we made a start by digging up a bit of grass and filling the area with a Coppertina ninebark, some helenium, daylilies, grasses and a few other red-, yellow-, and orange-flowered perennials.


It will have an analogous colour scheme of red-orange, orange, and orange-yellow:


And here’s what this garden looks like right now:


but in 2 more years I want it to look much more like this, my old front garden in Calgary, with lots of shrubs and perennials filling it in and NO TURF GRASS:


I believe I have some work to do!!