Red orach and sweet peas in the Potager


The red orach (tall purplish plant with red stems) must have come as seeds smuggled in with some of the other plants from my old garden.  I’m letting some stay.  It is prolific but its red leaves are easy to spot in the spring so each year I cut off most of the seed heads before they spread and just leave a few to make new plants for the next year.

I love how the blue fescue picks up on the sky blue garage door.  Yes, I planned that.  🙂


clematis, white bellflowers, and sweet alyssum in the “White Garden”


The clematis vines are *just a little* on the short side this year because I moved them in spring.  They were such buggers to dig up that I’m really just happy they survived at all!  The few flowers emerging (so far) on the left one are a bonus:IMG_4061

This is a pretty big change from the gravel filled strip that was this garden when I moved in less than a year ago (see the first post here).

(Yes, I did originally plan for this area to be a “White Garden” but I didn’t have anywhere else to put the existing clematises (clematii?) so I guess it is technically white and purple now.  I am terrible at sticking to a theme! On the other hand, this revised colour scheme is one good reason to also plant the annual sweet alyssum (small white and purple puffs of flowers across the front of this garden area, top photo) and the other, of course, is that it smells wonderful. At least I can turn my garden design weaknesses into something positive.)


the White Garden 2016

Somehow this patio garden at my new-to-me house is telling me it wants to be white.  The patio, while not much to look at yet, could look very French and lovely if surrounded by terra cotta pots and white flowers.  I also prefer to have scented flowers near a patio.  These yellow flowers, which I inherited from the previous owner, will just have to go:


Don’t worry, the yellow daisies will find a new home in the front garden.  And the clematis will stay because it’s just too healthy to move and I don’t have another good spot for it.  In the meantime, I have already removed the rock mulch (ugh!) and plunked a few white-flowered plants from my old house into this area:


Above (the left side of the garage, left to right): white bell flower, (pale) pink meadow rue, 3 white bearded iris, candy tuft, russian sage (okay technically purple flowers but I’m counting the silvery leaves as white), and lamb’s ears.


Above (the right side of the garage, left to right): nepeta ‘White Cloud’, 3 David phlox, white cranesbill (which will hopefully eventually be bush enough to hide the ugly sprinkler system controls).

I also want to add a white-flowered potentilla on either side of the door.

It’s not much to look at yet but it will look much better in spring, I promise!