the Potager in snow

This garden area ended up being a bit of a mish-mash this year as I experimented with what would do well here.  The ‘X’ pattern of little blue festuca glaucas will stay though.  I like how they pick up on the blue garage door.



Evans cherry trees one week later

Just last week-end I posted photos of my cherry trees which had finally started to turn yellow.  Well that didn’t last long!



At least there is more to look at now in this garden area, even in winter.  I see these two trees and their surrounding underplantings from the kitchen window.  I *must* have good garden views from the house to get me through winter!  So, one week down…

Evans cherry in fine fall form

What a beautiful day it was yesterday!  I got out and cleaned up the garden a little but I didn’t touch this area because I like to leave sedums and grasses standing over the winter. And plus they still look so good!  The Evans cherry trees were still green until a couple days ago.



These trees were just planted this spring.

Click here and scroll down to see how this garden area has evolved.

late October colour in the Courtyard Garden

What a beautiful week-end!  I’m doing a little tidying up in the garden but there is still so much to enjoy.  The butterflies seem to agree and are still hanging around the catmint:

The heliopsis is still blooming too:


Here’s the ‘regular’ heliopsis in front of a Bailey’s compact Virburnum shrub which I planted particularly for its fall colour:


And another Bailey’s compact shrub a little closer to peak redness:


fall foliage – my Hot Wings maple

One of the first things I did this spring was plant a maple tree.  Granted, it’s not got the big old Canadian-flag-shaped leaves that cast deep, dark shade that I remember and love from growing up in southern Ontario, but it has more fall colour than a poplar, which is one of the things I was going for.  I’m looking forward to seeing brilliant red keys (samaras) on it next year.