new harvest this week in the veggie garden – peas!


Plus I am still eating lots of lettuce and arugula, although they’re both almost finished now.  How about you?



what’s blooming in this corner of the Orchard Garden


Perennials, above: red coral bells, tufted hair grass, and yellow lady’s mantle.

And on the other side, some pleasant surprises.


Self-seeded annuals, above: blue forget-me-nots and pink sweet william (silene armeria), both from my neighbour.


yarrow, red campion, snapdragons, and ninebark

My garden has exploded after that week of heat we just had.  Here are some photos of the Sunset Garden right now, with yellow and red yarrow, red campion, and red snapdragons in bloom.  That’s a Coppertina ninebark shrub with the leaf colour that matches the brick of the house.  The white and blue flowers way in the background are persicaria and delphiniums.  Click on the photos to zoom in on each.


Taking a step back, here’s a front view of the whole garden.  Next year I think I’ll put some taller annuals in front of those grasses to fill those bare spots, at least until the shrubs get bigger (there are some potentillas there but they’re not very big yet).