Sunset Garden year 1 – end of season edits

I’ve had a few changes on my mind all summer and now that it’s cooler, it’s time to move some plants around!  The Ninebark Coppertina shrub  has been moved beside the driveway (below, left) to make way for a pyramidal Mountain Ash (below, right).


Gotta love ninebark shrubs for colour!  Here’s the Coppertina a little closer up, with the (temporarily wilted) Moonshine yarrow in front for leafy contrast:


… and from the other direction:


To see how this garden has evolved, click here and scroll down.


the Front Garden after 1 year

One year ago we were house hunting and Edmonton and found our new home.  Since then, I (and a few helpers) have done a whole lot of back-breaking work, digging up grass, removing rock mulch, cutting down the spruce, digging up roots, and planting. Here’s the result after one year.0817aug-002

In reflecting back on these garden changes I suddenly realized that everything in the front garden (top) has been planted by me in the last 10 months; all that was here when we moved in was a spruce tree and some annuals in pots (bottom)!  I’m quite happy with how things have filled in so far although the garden *not surprisingly* is a bit (okay, a lot) weedy after us being away on holidays for 2 weeks.  I’ve ordered some compost and mulch to top dress the front garden and then I’ll show you some close ups!

To see how this garden has evolved over the past year, click here and scroll down.


Self-seeded arugla in front of Coppertina ninebark shrub:


with blue veronica, orange coreopsis and  white persicaria flowering in the background; silver artemesia to the right.


Exciting! I think this may be the first picture I’ve taken of my new garden where you can’t see soil between all the plants. Things are getting bigger but it’s really mostly about the angle. 😉

Red orach and sweet peas in the Potager


The red orach (tall purplish plant with red stems) must have come as seeds smuggled in with some of the other plants from my old garden.  I’m letting some stay.  It is prolific but its red leaves are easy to spot in the spring so each year I cut off most of the seed heads before they spread and just leave a few to make new plants for the next year.

I love how the blue fescue picks up on the sky blue garage door.  Yes, I planned that.  🙂